Mapboard GIS

Mapboard GIS is an iPad mapping system for drawing geospatial information into a spatial database. It works both in a standalone, field-ready mode and as a tethered client, with a paired desktop or laptop handling geospatial operations.

Beta test v2.0

Field geological mapping can be a data-management headache, and capturing high-quality geospatial information is tricky for large mapping projects. Mapboard GIS allows quick and natural capture of mapping data into user-defined line and polygon types using the Apple Pencil, with a process flow comparable to working atop a paper map. Data are saved to an industry-standard open-source spatial database: Spatialite in "field" mode or PostGIS a on networked server in "tethered" mode. Both of these data collections can be opened by standard QGIS or ArcGIS desktop GIS software (ArcGIS can only connect to PostGIS in read-only mode); the PostGIS backend additionally supports advanced collaborative mapping.

Custom tile layers including MBTiles files can be loaded for field-accessible basemaps. Multiple projects can be managed on the same device and shared with other devices. Mapping can be done in arbitrary spatial reference systems.

The first public presentation of this work occurred at the virtual GSA 2020. Here's the abstract. A link to the recorded presentation will be available soon.

Testing the app

As of October 2020, the 2.0 release of the app is available for beta testing in preparation for release on the App Store. If you would like to test the beta version of the app, head to TestFlight to sign up. The planned price of the app is $29.99 per year, which will help defray development costs. The "Full Version" subscription is free in the TestFlight version; just swipe left to the settings page and click Purchase full version.