Structural Geology

I'm a structural geologist with a broad focus on the crustal architecture of continents, especially the history and form of their sedimentary overlays. I'm also a cyclist, sailor, violinist, and lover of maps.

During my PhD at Caltech (2012-18), I used structural mapping, tectonics, and stratigraphy to investigate ancient environments, working primarily in southern Africa, western North America, and Northeast Syrtis Major, Mars.


As a research scientist in the Macrostrat lab at University of Wisconsin – Madison (since 2019), I have built a strong focus in geoinformatics, building sophisticated software to solve research problems in remote sensing, field mapping, geochronology data systems, machine reading, and other domains.

I believe in the power of adventurous software to enrich our processes for data capture, visualization, and integration across the geosciences. Flexible and intentionally designed computing infrastructure can lay the groundwork for fundamentally new avenues of research.